I'm Grace, nice to meet you! 
As a professional kid-at-heart with 16 years in the toy biz, I strive to channel my creativity into the best and most fun designs and concepts possible! I love working with my hands, whether it be making from scratch or clicking on the computer, and nothing gets me going more that an innovative new idea. This passion spills over into my hobbies, which include dollhouse arts, fabric handicrafts and a few cosplay characters as well! 
As a maker and creator, I enjoy bringing new ideas to life with enthusiasm, fun and lots of color! I am a jack of all trades, specializing in Children's Toy Design, Videography, Scripting and Voice Acting
If you know me, you know I love a good story, and really enjoy character building and content creation. I'm also known to lend my vocal talents to voice overs and the occasional toy prototype too, including cartoon characters and animals! 
I love nothing more than throwing myself into a creative project with joy and enthusiasm, so if you have a project that needs a pop of pizzaz, drop me a line!

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