Here are some of my favorite toy ideas that have made it to market!​​​​​​​
Sticky Feet Polly Pocket
by Mattel
Sticky Feet Polly is an idea that sprang from the thought "What if you could launch Polly across the room like a rubber band?" While the launching part fell by the wayside, the rubber part stayed, and through co-worker collaboration and some trial and error, Sticky Feet Polly was created
The concept involves Polly's feet being made of a silicone like material, which sticks repeatedly to specially formulated paper. When the doll is placed on the paper, she stays!
The product was manufactured with a sticker sheet featuring several of these "sticky spots" that the child could then put around the playset as they wished. Polly can now stand securely anywhere on the playset without falling, even sideways and upside down!

Polly Pocket World Snow Secret Compact

Just Hangin' Out!

Polly Pocket Tropical Party Yacht
by Mattel
Ready for the best day ever? With Polly's Tropical Party Yacht, you can cruise the waves, catch some rays and play all day!

The party comes alive when you zoom Polly's jet ski out of the yacht and activate her terrific twirling feature! Polly will lift into the air and do a fantastic flip!

Her yacht opens out into an amazing array of play space, with lots of accessories and storage too!

This is one of my favorite ideas I have ever worked on, the entire project was a blast from start to finish. I also really enjoyed collaborating with another designer as we worked together to figure out the intricacies of all the mechanics. This whole project made my building hands very happy

Polly can steer her party yacht...
and do cool tricks on her jet ski!
Uno Tippo
by Mattel

This was my first original concept that went to market, a great new take on the classic game UNO!
Working off of the premise "What if there was more than one discard pile?", I had the thought of "What if it was unbalanced, like a set of scales?" And bingo, Uno Tippo was created!

I built the original white model out of plastic and foam-core to prove out the idea and dial in the physics. Once the model was completed, we play tested the game to make sure it was still the same fun you get with UNO, but with the new feature. It worked better than expected, and consistently provided some great moments of anticipation!

Seeing my idea on shelf for the first time is a feeling I will never forget. It drives me to keep exploring and creating fresh modes of play that I can share with everyone!

Watch out when adding a card to a tray!

Or else you'll crash out!

Additional Designs
(pictures coming soon!)
Soothe n' Play Light Show - Fisher Price
Tangled Braiding Friends Hair Braider - Mattel
Liv Spa Playset - Spinmaster
Chalk Stompers - Crayola

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