Sold Products
Samples of my videos that helped promote and sell the toy idea. Each of these products made it to market.

I filmed and edited this initial Proof-of-Concept video for the game Can't Stand Quicksand, which later became Sink N' Sand, made by SpinMaster Games and is currently out on the market! 

Sold in 2021, this action packed game was created by designers Gordon Downey and Alex Malblanc

Upon initially playing this game, I immediately thought of a wild west style showdown and the tense anticipation of trying to be the quickest draw! I was also in my dubstep days, and used the musical cues to match the energy and fun of the head-to-head gameplay.

Original game and prototype made by Bill Paxton

Toy Sizzle Videos
These are promo videos that were used to help sell the toy concept to clients. 
I headed the conceptualization, scripting, filming and editing of these product videos. Each one has been or is currently for sale on the market.

Movin' Groovin' Barbie

Hair Wraps n' Braids

Brain Jam

Hidden Hatchers

The following Videos helped sell these amazing toy ideas
Various Promo Videos
Samples of volunteer video work for the non-profit Inspiring Connections Outdoors Chicago and a promo for the private school Greenfields Academy

ICO Chicago Promo

 I shot most footage using a combination of DSLR camera and smartphone, as available. Other footage provided by an assistant. I then did full editing and voiceover

Greenfields Academy Promo

Interviewed the kids and gathered the footage over the course of a few hours at the school, capturing the feel of a standard school day.

YouTube Creators
Most recently I have been hired as an editor and marketing advisor for YouTube creator BigHoles. I have been loving this new career direction and find lots of fun in editing meme driven content.
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